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The KENO pallet rack for your warehouse, production and warehouse logistics

With the KENOPallet rackEuro pallets can be stored safely on several levels. The SLP system provides you with the optimal solution for your warehouse logistics.




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Palettenregal KENO pallet racking 273x270x110 cm shelf load 2,120 kg bay load 4,000 kg
Palettenregal Palettenregal KENO
Palettenregal Grundregal
Palettenregal Palettenregal
Palettenregale, Palettenregale,
Palettenregal Grundregal
Palettenregal KENO pallet racking 399x270x110 cm shelf load 3,000 kg bay load 7,400 kg
Palettenregale, Palettenregale,
Palettenregale, Palettenregale,
KENO support frame pallet rack 2100 x 750 mm Stützrahmen
KENO support frame pallet rack 2730 x 750 cm Stützrahmen
KENO support frame pallet rack 3990 x 750 mm Stützrahmen
KENO support frame pallet rack 4620 x 750 mm Stützrahmen
KENO support frame pallet rack 5250 x 750 mm KENO support frame pallet rack 5250 x 750 mm
KENO support frame pallet rack 5880 x 750 mm KENO support frame pallet rack 5880 x 750 mm
KENO support frame pallet rack 2100 x 1100 mm Stützrahmen
KENO support frame pallet rack 2730 x 1100 mm Stützrahmen
KENO support frame pallet rack 4620 x 1100 mm Stützrahmen
KENO support frame pallet rack 5250 x1100 mm KENO support frame pallet rack 5250 x1100 mm
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KENO support beam 1825 mm
Sale price€61,55 Regular price€85,69 net
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Auflageträger Auflageträger
KENO support beam 2700 mm
Sale price€74,00 Regular price€81,00 net
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Auflageträger Traverse
KENO support beam 2700 mm
Sale price€78,12 Regular price€87,66 net

The KENO pallet rack for storing Euro pallets on several levels

The KENO. In addition to the basic pallet racks, you can purchase various extensions that make these racks even more flexible and accessible. Adapt the racks to your existing system and mount them for storage in the transverse or lengthwise direction. A high bay load and at the same time easy accessibility of the individual levels by loading machines and personnel allow for maximum flexibility. Each pallet rack is standardized to accommodate Euro pallets and thus offers the highest level of safety and the greatest range of use. By combining different racks, rack heights of up to 14 meters can easily be achieved, so that you can make optimal use of the available storage space.

This is how resilient our pallet rack KENO is

The load on the various pallet racks is given in two different categories. One is the bay load and the other is the compartment load. The bay load applies to the entire rack and requires, among other things, that the load is evenly distributed in the pallet rack itself. The usual requirements for storing heavy goods apply here. The bay load can reach up to 26 tonnes - depending on the rack - depending on the upright profile. However, special requirements apply for such high loads, so please contact us here. The compartment load, on the other hand, is calculated per level and per compartment of a rack. Even with the compartment load, an even load on the compartment is preferable. The galvanized mount of the individual compartments offers additional safety due to the hardness and resilience of the material and makes your warehouse particularly durable.

Different designs for every shelving storage system

Depending on the storage system , different accessories can ensure that your pallet rack is optimally adapted to your needs. With our system, we offer the greatest possible variety and suitable accessories. Whether grating floor, divider arm, depth bar, depth angle frame, chipboard floor or steel panel, all variants are manufactured to match our shelving systems and can therefore be used directly. Depending on the products used, different solutions can also be preferred on different levels in a shelving system. Adapt your KENO to current requirements quickly and easily.

High transverse stiffening of the pallet racks thanks to the matching traverse

Each pallet rack can be ordered in different heights, storage depths and widths. The integrated crossbar makes the rack very stable, even against lateral loads. Different colors were used for the racks to make it easier to find your way around the storage areas. This means that all workers in the warehouse can immediately recognize the individual levels and orient themselves accordingly. Thanks to suitable accessories such as guard rails and impact protection in corresponding signal colors, securing the warehouse is child's play. You can find suitable accessories for every pallet rack in our range and install them easily and without much effort. The racks can also be adapted to your individual needs with extensions. This creates the right storage area for Euro pallets with a wide variety of containers.

Frequently asked questions about pallet racking

Can I also reorder spare parts for KENO?

You can buy all items from the KENO pallet racking system from us. Even the new series offers you perfect compatibility with your existing racking system. If you have bought the SLP system from WÜRTH or other dealers, you can expand or replace your SLP pallet racking from us.

Are the pallet racks suitable for use in special industrial areas?

Thanks to the high load-bearing capacity and the choice of materials - including galvanized, the pallet racks can also be used in industrial storage without any problems. However, if there are special environmental variables, it is advisable to consult us before purchasing. In the chemical industry in particular, the requirements for materials and material components are often higher and must be clarified separately.

Is the pallet rack suitable for outdoor use?

Since the material is galvanized, it can also be used outdoors without any problems. This means you can ensure the storage of different items to suit the available space.

Does the pallet rack have to be attached to the floor?

This depends primarily on the height of the rack and its load. As a guideline, a pallet rack must always be secured if the height of the rack is four times higher than its depth. In such cases, the rack must be secured against tipping over. This can be done using solid floor anchors or by attaching it to the wall.

Do you want your pallet racks assembled?

Not every customer can or wants to assemble their pallet rack themselves. We understand this and for this reason we offer to assemble the desired shelves and add-on shelves for our customers. After mutual agreement, the shelves are professionally assembled and secured if necessary. You don't have to worry about anything else and can then simply use your pallet rack.


KENO & SLP - das passt!

Stabil, sicher und flexibel: Für diese Begriffe steht das KENO . Ihre Sicherheit erhalten Sie unsere Stützrahmen für Palettenregale grundsätzlich mit einer Profilstärke von 2,0 mm. Mit den einfach montierbaren Auflageträgern bekommen die Stützrahmen ihre Stabilität. Passend zu jeden Set erhalten Sie die notwendigen Sicherheitsstifte. Das bietet Ihnen im Nachgang die nötige Flexibilität auch eine andere Fachhöhe einzustellen ohne Probleme mit der zulässigen Feldlast zu bekommen. Die standardmäßige Einhängeverbindung schließt perfekt an die Ständerlochungen an.

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KENO Palettenregal - das System für große Lasten

Das Anbaufeld besteht aus einem Regalrahmen und mindestens zwei Traversen. Es kann nicht selbstständig stehen und benötigt ein Grundregal des gleichen Regalsystems, an das es angebaut werden kann. Ebenfalls zu beachten ist, dass Grund- und Anbauregal die gleiche Tiefe haben. In der Höhe sowie der Anzahl an Traversen können sich die beiden Komponenten unterscheiden.


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