Pallet base rack 300x190x110 cm Shelf load 3,000 kg Bay load 9,000 kg

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ARTUS pallet rack - basic rack HxWxD 3,000 x 1,900 x 1,100 mm with 3 x level support beams - RAL 2004, support frame RS13-85-65 - RAL 7001 (galvanized infill) Shelf load: 3,000 kg Bay load: 9,000 kg each with evenly distributed load including bolt anchor

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technical features

Complete pallet rack

Add-on shelf

  • Shelf load: 3,000 kg
  • Field load: 9,000 kg
  • Specialist level: 3 level
  • Height: 3,000 mm
  • Field length: 1,900 mm
  • External dimensions: 2,900 mm
  • Fields: 1
  • Depth: 1,100 mm
  • Stand profile: RS 13-85-65

The ARTUS pallet rack system offers the ideal solution for professional storage of pallets and heavy loads. Thanks to an optimally coordinated range of rack components such as support frames, support beams and many other accessories, the ARTUS pallet rack system can be individually adapted to different storage goods and spatial conditions.

System advantages:

      • professional shelving system with best performance data
      • high manufacturing/delivery quality
      • Shelf frame screwed
      • Shelf components powder-coated, frame stands similar to RAL 7001 silver grey, support beams in RAL 2004 pure orange
      • Shelf height up to 5,500 mm
      • Field widths: 1,900, 2,300, 2,700, 3,300, 3,600, 3,900 mm
      • Shelf depth 800 mm for transverse storage
      • Shelf depth 1,100 mm for storage in depth direction
      • Shelf load up to 4,800 kg depending on support beam
      • Field load up to 12,000 kg depending on the stand profile

Options for projects:

      • -Shelf height up to 20 meters
      • -Compartment loads up to 4.8 t
      • -Field loads up to 28 t
      • attractive complete offers for a quick selection
      • For efficient transport, support frames are delivered disassembled
      • Base plate and bolt anchors for fastening the support frames as well as locking pins for support beams are included in the scope of delivery
      • Possibility of expansion with extension panels, support beams or accessories

Storage options

      • for storage (e.g. of EURO pallets 1,200 x 800 mm)
      • Shelf depth 1,100 mm for storage in depth direction
      • Shelf depth 800 mm for transverse storage

Planning notes

      • the shelf length is the sum of the field widths
      • for each support frame an additional 85 mm (RS13-85-65) or 100 mm (RS16-100-65) must be added
      • For double shelf rows, the length of the spacer must also be taken into account in the depth
      • To ensure lateral fall protection, the outer shelf frame must be 500 mm higher than the top support beam

safety instructions

All specified load capacities apply to evenly distributed loads.

Ordering information

When assembling the shelf components individually, please always select and order the corresponding assembly material

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